Lethe Villas with Private Pool


Lethe Villas with Private Pool

The Lethe Villas are in the area of Kato Gatzea, a lively but idyllic village that on the edges of the forested mountain slopes of Pelion near the sea. The source of inspiration for the designer was the strong desire to create an imposing stone building, which combines the traditional architectural model of Pelion with the luxurious elegance of the modern elaborate style. Lethe is meant to help rest the body and help the mind to forget, offering the ultimate relaxation, pleasure and security.
It has been a dream to be able to design and build the Lethe Villas and be able to provide a quiet, unique and luxurious place for anyone to visit Pelion and Greece.
The beauty of the stone, the traditional mansions, the cobbled streets and the green landscape, make Pelion the number one destination for those who want a walk in nature, stunning views and quiet. It has rightly been described as a “destination for all seasons”, as it beautifully combines mountain and sea. The verdant slopes meet exotic beaches that compose a landscape of incomparable beauty, as the island color is perfectly combined with the Pelion elements. According to Greek mythology, there was the summer residence of the Gods and homeland of the Centaurs (mythical creatures in human form in the body of a horse). It stretches from the Pagasitic Gulf in the west to the Aegean Sea in the east. Volos is built at its foot. Most houses are amphitheatrically built overlooking the sea. You will definitely love it as a winter destination, while you will love it for its turquoise waters, its “deceptive” beaches, but also for the combination between history and mythology.



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